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Yoga & Wellness

Our beautiful garden, our spacious shaded terraces, our air-conditioned meeting room of 105 m2 our spa and our swimming pool are all available to practice the activities dedicated to well-being such as Yoga, sports coaching, relaxation and various therapies.

Away from all disturbances (including wifi signals except at the reception), you can relax your body and mind by taking advantage of our remote position far away from noises and pollution, amongst the flowers and trees of our beautiful garden.

We offer natural and healthy cooking. For special requirements, an English chef is available to cook vegan and vegetarian dishes, or gluten free meals as well as Moroccan and French dishes.

We can accommodate groups with their teacher but individuals could also join in with many of the activities.

Yoga & Wellness



We use the help of many professors from Marrakech. Yu can also join our many trainings organized by professors from different countries: Netherlands, US, France, Morocco…


Our site exudes a beautiful energy and many courses were practiced in Quaryati by Vipassana...


It is a massage that goes back to a long tradition of energy treatments.

The Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) is a practice born in India and consists of working on energy lines through stretching, pressuring and passive yoga movements in harmony with the synchronized breathing of the practitioner and the client. It is a massage without oil which is practiced fully dressed. A typical session begins and ends with a sound massage (Tibetan bells, chimes, rain sticks…).



Quaryati regularly welcomes Yossi Kabessa, a master in acupuncture and shiatsu: a manual, “energetic” and holistic therapy from Japan.

He organizes detox treatments, exploration of the Fire element and its main organs (heart and small intestine) through Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, energy work, yoga, kundalini, meditation, movement, Zen shiatsu, singing, dancing and initiation to fire handling.


To give Reiki is to allow a being to come into contact with the Breath of Original Life, the divine being in itself.

The Reiki therapist does not cure but works as a simple channel to allow the healing to be fulfilled by itself via the transmission of the vital energy.

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